Voter’s meeting August 25th, 2019

10:00am after Church

  1. Call Meeting To Order

  2. Pastor Prayer

  3. Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes

  4. Council Reports

    a. Elders (Lynn J.)

    1. Church Start Time

    2. Acolyte

    b. Treasurer (Dean L.)

    Financial Report

    c. Financial Secretary (Joe A.)

    Givings Report

    Financial Needs

    d. Trustees Report (Steve T.)

    1. Church Shingling Finished

    2. TV in Church Installed

    3. Status of Concrete Project

    4. Status of Supplemental Heating and Cooling

    5. Evergreen Tree Removal

    6. Status of Fountain Removal

    7. Status on Condition of Lawns

    e. Sunday School Report (Melonie G.)

    1. VBS

    2. Sunday School Rally Day Sept 8th

    3. Sunday School Starts Sept 8th

    4. Singing in Church

    f. Evangelism (Carol L.)

    1. Welcome Brochures

    2. Mentor Program

    3. Clean/Organize Entry Way\

    4. Other Projects - Visit Reach out to members, Funeral Committees

    g. Pastor Report

    1. Membership

    2. Synodical Convention

    3. Meaning of Marriage Class

    4. Mission, Vision, values

    5. Junior High Youth Gathering

    6. Changes Coming for Sunday School, Adult Bible Class and Divine Service

  5. Adjourn